Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Day Of The Doctor - Thoughts


Just as much fun as The Three Doctors and The Five Doctors and easily beating The Two Doctors (no needless violence) The Day Of The Doctor had me fanboying harder than ever.


Falling in love with Tennant again, UNIT and Kate, Ingrid Oliver in a Tom Baker scarf and an inhaler, IM Foreman, Coal Hill and Chesterton and Coburn on the staff, the 60s opening, Derren Brown, Zygons, Elizabeth I, Matt Smith at the peak of his powers (does he really have to leave?) Jenna Coleman totally nailing it now, The Fall of Gallifrey, Gallifrey stands, Three TARDISes, John Hurt who was UTTERLY FABULOUS, Billie Piper not being Rose as such and therefore not being all RTD irritating, 'Sandshoes and Granddad', Moffat's fantastic writing, those photos of past companions in The Tower, the snide dig at Americans rewriting history, The Cromer reference - '70s or 80s depending on the dating protocol'!, More TARDISes and more Doctors flying to the rescue, PETER CAPALDI! and then, when you really think it could not get any better, TOM BAKER!

One quibble? No Eccleston. Bah. You can't have everything eh?

The Afterparty on BBC3 however is Godawful, laughably bad live television....but those wonderful people who made my childhood are there and are as sweet and beautiful as ever :D

And on the Red Button, Peter Davison's hilarious spoof The Five(ish) Doctors detailing his, Colin Baker's and Sylvester McCoy's attempts to get a part in the anniversary special (with cameos from Sean Pertwee, Olivia Colman, Peter Jackson, Sir Ian McKellen, Georgia Tennant, David Troughton and Frank Skinner as well as a plethora of Who cast and personnel past and present) was like a Who, Curb Your Enthusiam and Extras mash up!

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