Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Size Matters, Slight Return : Lorna Roberts

All the Plus Size model chat from Monday night with my mate Eliot got me thinking about another Plus Size model who was pretty much leading the way here in the UK about 10/15 years ago; Laura Roberts.

Laura was a stunning size 16/18 with measurements 43-32-43 at 5'8. She was perhaps most famous for getting blokes (inc me) watching the video to Busted's 2002 inexplicable chart hit, 'That's What I Go To School For' in which she played the boys teacher and object of their fantasies Miss McKenzie

And yes, that is the one and only time I'll post anything from Busted on this blog.

Pfft. Busted. I ask you? 

It looks like Lorna moved to Australia in the mid 00s to continue her modelling career, though her linkedin profile now reads that she currently works there as an IT consultant in New South Wales, so it looks like she stayed on there and retired from being in front of the camera. Having said that though, there's a link to an old Myspace page that has her location as Tunbridge Wells, so who knows?

Kudos and credit to the Judgement of Paris website for some of the info and images used here.

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