Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Out On Blue Six : The Platters

It was with great wit that this classic, The Great Pretender, by The Platters was used tonight as the signature theme tune to BBC4's excellent Storyville documentary The Spy Who Went Into The Cold, detailing as it did the life of possibly the greatest traitor and double agent in British history, the KGB mole Kim Philby. 

It was of course the perfect theme tune!

I've long since been fascinated by Philby, and the rest of the Cambridge spy ring. Indeed at one point I felt sure I could go on Mastermind with them as my specialist subject! 

Villains and traitors to their country they may have been, but I cannot help but admire in a perverse way someone who pledged themselves to a cause and a belief as a student at University and saw it through, no matter what, for the rest of their life. And of course there's a wicked fascination to be had concerning treason, someone living a double life and seeing just how long they got away with it. 

It was a fabulous documentary, continuing the engrossing current Cold War season across BBC2 and BBC4.

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  1. Have you heard the Stan Freberg parody of the platters? It's kept me laughing for forty-two years (on and off)...

  2. So! You can not be permitted to continue until...