Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Out On Blue Six : The Housemartins

What else could I play today in light of the news that Hull has been chosen to be the next Capital of Culture other than Hull's favourite sons (and one of my favourite bands) The Housemartins?!

David 'please love me' Cameron praised the selection of the city and the work of The Housemartins in the House of Commons earlier;

"In terms of popular music, Hull has a great record. I remember, some years ago, that great Housemartins album London 0 Hull 4"

Which was instantly punctured on Twitter by Housemartins frontman himself Paul Heaton;

"Well, apparently David Cameron likes London 0 Hull 4. Which part of the attack on his policies and rich friends did he like best???...When I took over my pub in Salford, the first people I barred was Cameron and Osborne. That ban still stands"

Heaton joins fellow musicians Keane and Primal Scream who have expressed 'horror' and 'opposition' to a Tory government who used their music for a manifesto launch and a Tory Party Conference respectively, and of course The Smiths Johnny Marr who bluntly banned Cameron from being a fan of his music!  

Tories 0 Music 4

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