Thursday, 21 November 2013

Kooky Cates

Last month, I was in a rather reflective mood (well, when am I ever not?) regarding the British actress Georgina Cates, once known as Clare Woodgate, as you can see here and here. It was of course spurred on by daytime repeats of 2 Point4 Children, the sitcom which provided her launchpad into film and latterly, Hollywood.

Well it turns out my reflections where quite timely as, a couple of weeks ago, a buzz came about regarding the now 38 year old Georgina thanks to her recent role in the Johnny Knoxville Jackass movie Bad Grandpa and, most specifically, her 'hilarity' filled appearance on the red carpet for the premiere. 

The Examiner has an article which claims she 'topped off the night of zaniness', citing that one photographer asked if she was on drugs - though they hasten to add that she was 'probably not'

Read the full article here and see the video of some of her antics below...

Spookily, ITV and ITV+1 have been showing Georgina's 1998 comedy spoof of period costume dramas Stiff Upper Lips tonight.

Again, I have to say she's changed a heck of a lot in the intervening 15 years since that film

And I'd be hard pushed to recognise her as the teenage girl from the 1990s sitcom

It's great to see her working again though, after her break up from Skeet Ulrich.

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