Monday, 18 November 2013

First Robyn of Winter and Size Matters

Yup, I've spotted my first Robyn.

Yes, Robyn with a 'Y', not an 'I'. Let me explain, visually. Here she is...

That is Robyn Lawley, a model brought to my attention by my good friend Eliot over on his blog, with this post here.

As you can see, his beef is with the fact that the Daily Mail have referred to Robyn as a 'plus size model'

She's a size 12!!!

Here's the Fail Article

I think we can all agree on two things here; 1) Robyn is a very stunning woman and 2) she is not plus size. Not in the slightest. As Eliot argues, when the UK national average is currently size 14/16, how is a size 12 plus size? It is below average!

These are more realistic plus size models...

Clementine Desseaux 

Jada Sezer - who seems to have all her photos taken staring into harsh light?!

And the lovely girls in this fab music video....

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