Friday, 1 November 2013

Cherry in Casualty

This is how we all fondly remember the pint sized pretty and tiny dancer herself, Cherry Gillespie of Pan's People and Ruby Flipper.

But after the TOTP dance groups disbanded, Cherry branched out into acting with roles in the Bond film Octopussy, and episodes of Bergerac, Minder and Casualty.

It was 1989 and the series 4 explosive finale of the aforementioned Casualty entitled 'Holding On' that Cherry made her appearance. She played Barbara, a vivacious young lady who was a victim of a bombing in the city centre. Wheeled in to the department, she was informed she'd have to have her hand amputated, but that didn't stop her from still flirting with Charlie, played by Derek Thompson!

Here's some screengrabs...

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