Friday, 29 November 2013

Brabbins & Fyffe

I've been rewatching all three series of Armstrong and Miller again recently and thoroughly enjoying each one.

My absolute favourite characters of theirs are Brabbins and Fyffe, whom the comedy duo describe as 'the filthy reimagining of Flanders and Swann' the much loved English comedy duo of the Post War period whose comedy songs delighted audiences.

Here are Donald Brabbins (Armstrong) and Teddy Fyffe's (Miller) in all their glory...

It's about time Armstrong and Miller return to TV together (they haven't done anything since Channel 4's very funny one off Felix and Murdo around 2 years ago) but if they don't want to do sketch comedy I would dearly love to see them do a full show featuring just these two characters. Now that would be ideal for Christmas *sighs*


  1. Ha ha, snap! My favourite Armstrong & Miller sketch too. Saw them live in York during my first year at uni - they did The Perineum Song (which ended in the audience being made to sing along to it several times). Met them afterwards, and told them that Brabbins & Fyffe were my favourite characters. And The Train Song has to be my favourite, for several reasons! ;-)