Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Borgen Beauties

The return of one of my favourite TV programmes, the excellent Danish political drama Borgen has seen me jumping for joy and wallowing in a regular fix of intelligent, sharp and insightful drama once more.

Now in its third and final season the show has so far shown no sign of letting up and continues its consistent high quality across a double bill of episodes every Saturday night from 9pm on BBC4.

I wish the UK could produce such thought provoking and entertaining political drama (we haven't done anything as good as this in that genre, certainly not since Party Animals at least) and I certainly wish UK television could provide the kind of strong female role models that Scandinavian television seem to excel in. Seriously, Saga in The Bridge, Sarah Lund in The Killing and both Birgitte and Katrine in Borgen are light years ahead of the tired old men hating tarts with hearts stereotypes that our drossy TV programmes churn out.

Scandinavian TV can show us female characters who an audience can totally invest in. They are three dimensional, highly intelligent, determined and with strong will power, empathetic, focused, professional and with ideals and principles that any viewer can benefit from taking notice of.

They're also very pretty, but their characters are rightly never defined by that point. If this were a UK show they'd have to reference their attractiveness time and time again, until it becomes the character rather than just a facet of who they are.

Sidse Babett Knudsen who plays Birgitte Nyborg

Birgitte Hort Sorensen who plays Katrine Fonsmark

And making her debut in this final series, Julie Agnete Vang as the utterly delightful Nete Buch

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