Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Bloom-in' Heck!

Excellent moments from Friday night's Have I Got News For You (an extended version also appeared on BBC1 last night) in which this blog's favourite Victoria Coren Mitchell roundly trounced the odious former UKIP MP, the racist, homophobic and sexist Godfrey Bloom (he of 'Bongo-Bongo land' and 'women are sluts' comments) and showed him up for just what a cretin he is, with the help of her team mate Ian Hislop.

Sad then isn't it, that a friend has just drawn my attention to some absolute idiot of a young lady over on twitter, who has been defending the odious decrepit waste of oxygen with tweets like this...

Busy typing up a complaint to @BBCOne about @VictoriaCoren's behaviour on tonight's HIGNFY. My opinion: rude, patronising and disrespectful

and when challenged, she adds....

I disagree (obviously) thought Godfrey Bloom was treated unfairly, and used as a whipping boy throughout

and worryingly....

I don't think he's racist just old fashioned, not intending harm just putting his foot in it accidentally

I seriously utterly despair. I mean I don't want to go all 'kids today' over this, but how are we ever going to eradicate the kind of fnar fnar fnar landed gentry jingoistic right wing racism that UKIP stand for when there's a new generation of voters out there who think they're just harmless old fogies?

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