Sunday, 6 October 2013

Theme Time : Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Peaky Blinders

It's fair to say Peaky Blinders, the BBC2 drama based on the real life Birmingham crime gang of the late 19th and early 20th century, is a gripping way to pass an hour on a Thursday evening. It's also beautifully shot too and, despite it's thoroughly British, 'second city of the UK', setting it owes more to the dark US period drama genre populated by HBO's Boardwalk Empire and Deadwood. Cillian Murphy's Thomas Shelby, the second son and leader of a familial criminal empire which sew razor blades into their peaked caps, is a worthy contender to place alongside the very best in those shows.

The anachronistic theme tune that opens the action each week has more than an air of The Wire's theme, Tom Waits' Way Down In The Hole too

The fourth episode has just aired and despite some stiff competition on Thursday nights  - Educating Yorkshire and, as of next week, Billy Ivory's new drama Truckers and the period medical drama Breathless -  I know I shall remain hooked. Just need to juggle the Sky+!

If you're as hooked as me you may like to find out more about the real figures behind the fiction, with this interesting article looking at the real Billy Kimber, an illegal bookmaker and gang leader 

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