Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Theme Time : Henry Hall and his Orchestra - Timothy Spall's All At Sea Series

BBC4 are repeating All At Sea tonight - and every Wednesday 7:30pm. This was the third and final series in an amusing travelogue which followed actor Timothy Spall and his wife Shane as they take their ocean going 52 foot long Dutch barge 'Princess Matilda' (bought as a treat after Spall beat leukemia in the late 90s) on a trip around the British coast.

The theme tune to all three series was the vintage recording Somewhere At Sea (also the name of the first series, the second being Back At Sea) by legendary bandleader Henry Hall and his Orchestra. 

Hall wrote the song specifically for the maiden voyage of the Queen Mary in 1936. He was booked to play on board for that journey which set sail on May 27th of that year. The song was recorded on May 6th and was sung by Dan Donovan.

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