Monday, 7 October 2013

The Inexorable Rise of Esther McVey

First she was a bland flop at TV presenting. From kids TV, to GMTV, religious programming and whiny pointless consumerism junk.

Then it was a move into politics.

And the only way is sadly up for Esther McVey

As Disability Minister, McVey - amongst many other atrocities - showed a heartless disregard for disabled people in social housing as the Tories pressed on with the Bedroom Tax.

Today, it has been announced that the government reshuffle has seen her promoted through the DWP to Employment Minister.

Presumably this is to allow her to stick the boot into the disabled workforce who were made unemployed thanks to the scrapping of Remploy last month. An action she couldn't even be arsed to attempt to defend when the media came a-calling, preferring instead to kick all requests for interviews into touch.

Always best to kick someone when they're down isn't it? And if they're societies neediest and most disadvantaged, well all the better.

Think that's actually the Tory motto.

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