Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Final Cakedown

As you all probably know by now I have quite eclectic taste when it comes to television. And, of a Tuesday evening, I like nothing better than to relax and watch The Great British Bake Off on BBC2

Tonight is the final, the culmination of weeks of challenges and competition that separated the wheat from the chaff of the baker's dozen, albeit in the nicest, politest possible way, until we're left with just three finalists; Frances, Ruby and Kimberley.

Kimberley has been a strong contender since day one. She creates beautiful bakes and seems really nice. But is she just a bit too perfect? For me, I like it when we see someone improve week on week, and struggle too, go on to win. That ain't Kimberley alas.

I adore Frances (I know, it's probably the overbite) she is the most creative of the finalists, a genuinely imaginative fun baker. She's come in for some criticism over the weeks for being 'style over substance' ie her bakes look perfect but the taste doesn't match. I don't care, she can create breadsticks as fun as this...

I'd definitely be happy if Frances wins tonight. But then there's the show's most talked about baker...

Aw we love Ruby! It's impossible not to love her, right? Wrong. There's many a viewer - and I hate to say it, they're usually jealous women - have complained and criticised the 20 year old former model of everything from not being good enough to playing the sympathy card using false modesty. Bollocks I say, Ruby is the youngest there and by her own admission has only just started baking. She simply doesn't have the same confidence in her abilities as others might have. And she's so cute, which must rankle with the frumpy bake loving women across the land. There's a wonderful tumblr site dedicated to her amazing and funny facial expressions alone entitled 'The Many Faces Of Ruby Tandoh'. Here's just a few gems...

So I'm Team Ruby or Team Frances tonight, though when it comes to the crunch, I believe the three in the final are definitely the most deserving overall. Either way, don't bother me between 8pm and 9pm tonight ;)

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