Thursday, 3 October 2013

Taking The Daily Fail To Task

It's fast becoming one of the moments of TV in 2013.  When The Daily Mail's sub editor went on Newsnight this week to defend the indefensible article regarding Ed Miliband's dead father, he was quickly taken to task by former Blair spin doctor Alistair Campbell in a defining moment of trial by television

Now Campbell has taken it one step further. He is petitioning The Fail's editor, the odious coward Paul Dacre, to come on TV and debate with him, or a professional interviewer, the impact his insulting piece on a dead man has had.

You can sign it here petition

This whole thing to me smacks of the instinctive fear the media and establishment have when the word 'socialism' gets bandied about by the Labour party. They're happy to see the party in competition or even in charge, as long as it follows the Blair model, but they're petrified of the party attempting to get back in touch with the left wing policies that actually should be at the foundation of their every action. And so The Fail did their very best to discredit Miliband, stirring up public opinion against him before next year's election by this notion of socialism-bad, using the tried and tested method of slagging off someone who is no longer around to defend themselves. They did this by wrongly proclaiming him, a man who fought and risked his life for Britain in the war, to be a man who actually hated Britain. As if having a left wing tendency and a belief that the country, and the world, could be improved upon therefore means you are 'the enemy within'. 

It's exactly the kind of tone Thatcher took with the miners in the 1980s, labelling honest working patriotic men who exercised their democratic right to industrial action as enemies, some of whom - just like Miliband Snr - were of a generation to have served this country in WWII.


  1. In the 1930's Daily Fail was the only British newspaper which took consistently pro-Nazi line. They were actually printing artcles praising Hitler. DM's owner, Lord Rothermere was actually friends with him, and went to visit him on several occasions (I wonder how many of Daily Mail readers know this?). And now they have the nerve to write such articles about Ed Milliband's father. Its absolutely despicable...

    1. Indeed. Though I don't necessarily wonder how many know of their Nazi affiliated past, it's more a case of wondering how many are in the know and are proud of it! To a man they're Mosleyite right wing scum.