Sunday, 20 October 2013

Protect and Survive

The Protect and Survive series ended, naturally, with instructions to (altogether now) bring out your dead

And so it was, the end of the series of PIF's, for the end of the world.

By the 1990s, when the Cold War had finally thawed and the government saw fit to abandonthe nuclear civil defence policy, it was finally acknowledged that the series had no real value beyond providing the public with something ostensibly positive to focus its energies on should we ever have found ourselves hurtling towards global oblivion. In short, it was propaganda; just a measure to prevent panic and civil unrest from the likes of us - as Raymond Briggs' graphic novel and subsequent film When The Wind Blows subsequently showed

However this BBC QED special entitled A Guide To Armageddon had already told us the facts way back in 1982 

In the end, Protect and Survive was just as much fanciful propaganda as this photo of a dollybird on top of a fall out shelter taken in the US in the 1950s

Protect and Survive legacy beyond its original intention was secured when the pop group Frankie Goes To Hollywood sampled some of Patrick Allen's stentorian warnings for their song 'Two Tribes'

For the last time, Don't have nightmares...

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