Sunday, 20 October 2013

Photo Op

Photo Op was created by KennardPhillips the artist duo Peter Kennard and Cat Phillips in 2005. It was chosen by The Imperial War Museum North in Manchester to promote their new exhibition, 'Catalyst', about modern art and war.

However, JCDecaux and CBS Outdoor don't see the joke. They refuse to carry the image and will not advertise the exhibition on billboards, of which they control 50%-70% of the market.

The artists have called it 'political censorship'.

It seems Tony's people still have a stranglehold where it matters. But on the bright side, it's good to see that us up in the north still have an irreverent and subversive sense of humour in selecting it.


  1. We have a book in the library with that image as its front cover. I always try to make sure it's displayed in a prominent place whenever I'm on.