Thursday, 3 October 2013

Out On Blue Six : U2

OK, bear with...

Do you have a band you absolutely hate and yet, despite that hate, they do have one or two songs you actually like?

U2 is mine.

I cannot abide the smug sanctimonious hypocrite with the Jesus complex Bono and The Edge is a bald git in a beanie hat.

And yet, I do like these songs...

I can salve my conscience regarding these guilty pleasures though;  the first one, I can argue an interest in because of its political significance, based as it is on the horrific events in Northern Ireland of 30th January 1972. And with the last one, I can safely say I enjoy it solely for the excellent production from the genius that was Factory Records Martin Hannett. But the middle one? Meh. Blame it on my sister playing The Joshua Tree ad nauseam at an impressionable age for me.

Yes, I'd definitely say U2 are the band I hate but that that emotion is tempered by the fact that I can just about enjoy those tracks. 

Do you have a similar band? Who is it and what are the tracks you can't help but like?

NB: Speaking of smug and hypocritical, The Police could also qualify for this too where it not for the fact that I do at least like Stuart Copeland and Andy Summers. It's just Sting, the flute playing tantric tosspot who believes that his own vast carbon footprint is fine compared to Joe ordinary taking his well deserved holiday each year, that is the thorny issue there. Well that and the fact there is something disturbing about three Arian types taking reggae infused music out of the minority field and into the populist with the name The Police.

End Transmission


  1. I can't abide the Clash apart from London Calling which always gets under my skin.

    1. *blinks* You don't like The Clash?

      Wow. Each to their own ;P Nah, thanks for sharing. It's weird innit? Even a shit band can have 1 song you enjoy. Unless you're Muse of course. Then its all shit.

  2. A friend and I dubbed this the Duran Duran Syndrome...which should give you a clue as to when we proposed it - the only drawback is that no two people will ever agree to what that one OK song is.

    1. By the way, using the Duran Duran example, I'd say Ordinary World ;)