Monday, 7 October 2013

Out On Blue Six : Sophie Ellis Bextor

Or Out On Blue Six/Strictly, slight return.

First, a song from Sophie - one of my favourite pop crushes - that reminds me very much of some 'courting days' I had around 2004. 

That relationship lasted three years. My crush for Sophie has lasted longer ;)

And secondly, her incredible charleston with Brendan Cole on Saturday's Strictly. The epitome of chic flapperdom, the dance rightly gained four 9's. Not bad for her second week!


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  1. Yes, it was a stunning charleston, and she was a perfect doll. As they are getting such high votes so early they should be the ones to beat ... Sophie has been fascinating ever since that Spiller Groovejet video, a decade or so ago now, when I was a club kid.

    1. Love that song, another one that reminds me so much of some very good times in my early 20s.

      There's been the usual '9's in week 2?' criticisms from some snobs, but if it's good then why shouldn't it get a high score? I don't buy into this rule that only all the dances in the final should get 9's and 10's as it's just artificial. There to pander to the reality/celeb TV crowd who appreciate a properly mapped 'journey' from poor or good to exceptional. It's even dafter when you consider some dancers have to repeat,verbatim, dances they've already performed in the final week and score a 10 there, when they may have only scored an 8 originally.

  2. I don't recall such high votes so early in previous series, but if they deserve it ... at least here the celebs work and earn those votes. Unlike the sob-fests and backstories over on the other side as the latest batch of hopefuls are put through the wringer in the Theatre of Cruelty that is the X-Factor. They build them up, they tear them down - as brilliant soul singer Paul (a new Donny Hathaway) and rocker Joseph Whelan, along with that Melaine, were trashed a second time at the "Judge's Houses" - if the kids did not want it so much and think this is their route out of their dull lives, maybe people wouldn't watch it. Its all about the judges really, the actual winners never do well as the next lot will be along shortly - its only Olly Murs and JLS and that comic Essex girl Stacey Solomon who have done well as they used it as a springboard for hard work, while the others think they will be overnight stars. End of rant.

    1. No need to feel guilty of ranting, I absolutely LOATHE The X Factor and completely agree with you.