Friday, 11 October 2013

Out On Blue Six : New Order

As tonight sees England play Montenegro in the first of two Wembley qualifiers for next year's World Cup, Out On Blue Six rewinds back to the summer of 1990, when I was a little baggy in my last year of junior school and New Order (feat the rapping talent of John Barnes) had just released the greatest official England football anthem ever.

*Sighs* back in the day when English football had some promise on the international stage. I feel slightly unpatriotic saying this, but I wouldn't actually mind the squad not qualifying for next year. It would save us all that embarrassment, irritation and heart ache, seeing a bunch of overpaid full time models, part time footballers and borderline sex offenders not giving a toss and failing spectacularly, whilst the odious James Corden sings the official song.

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