Monday, 21 October 2013

Only Connecting To BBC2

Hear that? That's the sound of my heart dropping at the thought of TV's best kept secret being discovered by the masses thanks to the news that BBC4's Only Connect, about to air again tonight, is to move to BBC2 next year.

Nah I'm not really downhearted. It's just a curious mix of resignation that us loyal fans now have to share and joy at the show finally getting the recognition it deserves.

In case you don't know, Only Connect hosted by the divine and stone cold foxy Victoria Coren-Mitchell has run for 7 series on BBC4 since 2008. With audiences regularly around the million mark, it is one of the most watched shows on 'the multi-channels'. 

Ideally in crossing over to the other side it will retain its notoriously tricky questions - no dumbing down please! - and also keep its regular schedule, immediately after BBC2's University Challenge; just to keep the brainbox and cultured vibe on a Monday night. Albeit the kind of brainboxy culture that also allows the odd letch at Victoria's beautifully curvy figure - especially when she commences the wall round

Victoria has herself said this about the move "I and the rest of the Only Connect team are hugely excited about our Icarus-like flight towards the sun of mainstream broadcasting. If our wings start melting, I'll just flap harder"

The 7th series is currently airing on BBC4 (as I say, another ep is just about to commence at 8:30 tonight) and series 8 will be broadcast in the spring of 2014 on 4 as its swansong before series 9 begins on BBC2 later that year.

This avid viewer can only hope that nothing changes at all, and that Victoria deigns to wear this particular dress once again

Incidentally, I recently read Victoria and Charlie Skelton's book Once More With Feeling, an hilarious, poignant and always in depth account of their attempts - after spending time reviewing porn for a magazine - to actually make the greatest ever porn film on a shoestring budget with a bunch of sex workers in Amsterdam. It really is an eye opener and a great read with some genuine laugh out loud moments from the witty pair as well as a really an honest depiction of the cast they gathered together. I was especially touched by Victoria's almost romance with the leading man, a shy gentlemanly bisexual. It also taught me a few things about the porn industry. I have never classed myself as a naif but I must admit I had no idea what an 'airlock' was! Not sure I actually wanted to know either ;)

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