Thursday, 17 October 2013

Georgina Cates

I blogged about Georgina last week (here) largely because of the nostalgia afforded to me by repeats of her work on 2 Point 4 Children, the fabulous 90s family sitcom, on the Drama Channel. However as I pointed out in the blog post last week Georgina's work  (or rather the work of Clare Woodgate, as she was then known) was limited to just two series of 2 Point 4 as she left at the end of series two to pursue a career in more dramatic roles - which ultimately led to film, Hollywood and an ultimately failed marriage to Skeet Ulrich - and sadly as of yesterday, the episodes featuring Clare/Georgina concluded.

The cast of 2 Point 4 Children, 1991-92; Clare Woodgate (aka Georgina Cates) is on the far left, next is Belinda Lang, John Pickard, the late and much missed Gary Olsen and lastly Julia Hills

To continue the nostalgia here's a little picspam of the girl who I had a little pubescent crush on despite her being the big sister from hell on the show!

With Alan Rickman in An Awfully Big Adventure, 1995

On the set of Stiff Upper Lips, 1998

Late 90s publicity photo

Smoking hot in Clay Pigeons, 1998 co-starring with Vince Vaughn

A recent publicity photo

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