Thursday, 24 October 2013

Countdown to 50: The Day of the Doctor

There's now just under a month to go until the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and, being the huge fan that I have been since childhood, I thought it was only right that I celebrated the anniversary here on the blog

So starting today and running right up until the 23rd Nov, the 50th anniversary and The Day Of The Doctor itself, there will be three polls for readers to vote on (over there on the right hand side of the page) asking you to vote for Your Favourite Classic Era Doctor (63-96), Your Favourite New Era Doctor (05 - 13) and lastly Your Favourite Doctor Overall. Touch call I know, but after the success of last year's Best Bond poll on here I thought it worth a go and I'd be interested to see the results! So, get voting!

And if that hasn't whetted your appetite, here's some images from the forthcoming drama recreating the behind the scenes origins of Doctor Who, An Adventure In Space and Time 


  1. Right, that's my two penn'orth. Now I have a meeting of The Campaign for Real Daleks to attend... :)

    1. I see we have exactly the same taste! And don't even start me on the 'new' Daleks :s