Friday, 27 September 2013

Tonight's TV Tips

Just a note to remind you all to check out the TV tonight.

At 9pm on Channel 4, the stars of The IT Crowd reunite for one final hour long episode. The sitcom has been one of the freshest funniest shows on 4 in recent years and it's a shame to see it end, but great to see it is getting a good send off.

Whilst over on BBC2 at ten past midnight, they're screening one of my all time favourite films, the utterly chilling 10 Rillington Place based on the true story of serial killer John Christie. Featuring a terrific turn from Richard Attenborough, it is one of the finest serial killer biopics, one of the best British films of the 1970s and one of the best atmospheric British films full stop.


  1. I remember watching 10 Rillington Place quite a few years ago. I remember being chilled by it but fascinated as well. I actually have a bit of a personal connection to the events in the film because my mum's family lived very close to where it happened.

    1. Chilled but fascinated is a great way of summing it up...and even more so given your connection! I can't believe the house was still there when the film was shot. Compare that to the likes of the West home now.