Sunday, 29 September 2013

There Is (Still) Power In A Union

Great news this week as the Bakery and Food Allied Workers Union (one of the smallest unions) has won its dispute at Premier Foods aka Hovis in Wigan. 

The management had attempted to bring in zero hour contracts, that hellish slavery that approx 5 million workers are already currently enduring, to push down wages for the staff and increase uncertainty in contracts. Two weeks of strike action followed, with mass daily pickets. A third week was ultimately averted as a deal has been agreed between union and management. The agreement, signed this week, promises to pay any agency employee who works 39 hour weeks for 12 consecutive weeks the same rate of pay as full time employees. It also pledges to use overtime and banked hours for existing staff for any temporary shortages in labour.

Pauline Nazir, BFAWU regional sec, said; "The sense of solidarity among the workers has been absolutely brilliant. It makes you see why you're a member of a trade union and why our parents told us to join a union" Whilst regional organiser Geoff Atkinson said "We believe we got everything we wanted. It's a massive victory for us. We are a small union and we took on a company. It should encourage other people. We've proved that if you stick together, you can do away with unscrupulous contracts. We won't stand for our members being replaced by agency labour"

The perfect excuse to play this...

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