Friday, 23 August 2013

Wings Of Love

The ubiquitous 70s wall art, Wings Of Love is an infamous painting by artist Stephen Pearson

The dreamy Dali-esque painting with its wide ocean, the metaphor for life and death, seeping across what one imagines is supposed to be an Olympian hideaway, but what actually looks rather unfortunately like a new town's pedestrian square sees two young lovers, turned away to preserve dignity and titillate the art lover, the male character being transported down to earth for the female on the wings of a swan, the symbol for lifelong love and monogamy.

Famous for being the painting that was a fatal bone of contention between Laurence and Beverley in Mike Leigh's play Abigail's Party, Wings Of Love was painted in 1972 and pretty much sums up that decade.

But is it just a museum piece now?

Apparently not. The painting, whilst a boot sale favourite on many a damp Sunday morning in this country, was and is still massively popular among Middle Eastern and Russian people. It's even rumoured to have taken pride of place on one of Saddam Hussein's palatial walls.

It continues to sell at an estimated rate of 200 per day. So many still have it on their walls it seems, but would you?

I actually would myself Yeah it's dated and tacky, but it's the 70s and that appeals to me.

I don't know much about art, but I know what I like!


  1. Have this in a mirror form
    Love to know how much it is worth ?

    1. Ooh a mirror? Groovy! I don't know myself, but you never know...someone else visiting on here might!

  2. Still one of the finest paintings of all time that is all too easily ridiculed for its popularity.

  3. I have it as a mirror as well never seen another like it... wonder wat it's worth

  4. I used to have a copy in the 70s it was a wedding anniversary gift..I loved it...I wish I still had it..but my ex kept it..