Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Here is a photo of a twat

Is there anyone more noxious than Esther McVey, failed TV presenter cum Tory MP for Wirral West and Minister for Disabled People?

Today the High Court have ruled that the ConDem's Bedroom Tax policy does not breach the human rights of disabled tenants - absolutely ridiculous!

It's another Establishment stitch up from start to finish. No one is protecting the disadvantaged in our society. These people are having to cut back on food and heating, and this cowbag says she's 'pleased' with the High Court's decision...pleased because they haven't made her and her cronies culpable.

She's also gone on to say that we need to consider the disabled on the housing waiting list, being kept away from a suitable home because other disabled people are living in houses with spare rooms. She claims we need to get things right. Here's an idea luv, build houses! Convert the derelict ones! Don't just kick people out and force them into penury!!

For more info on this complete and utter twunt read HERE

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