Monday, 29 July 2013

Bumday and Poll Results

Before I get round to posting our usual Monday treat, I thought I'd share with you all the results of the poll I'd asked you to participate in during this past week and say thanks to all of you who took the time to vote. Much appreciated.

So without further ado....

Coming out on top are the big three - Film reviews , Bumday and General Retro each scoring 66% of the vote. I'm especially pleased to see that my film reviews are enjoyed by the readers as its one of the things I am always comfortable in writing. It's equally nice to know I'm not the only one who appreciates a nice bum!

In second place with 58% of the vote were TV reviews, Out On Blue Six and Smoking Hot. It's nice to see Out On Blue Six here, as this showcase for music is one of the most consistent post series I have and was always going to feature on the blog back when I first started it. It's a surprise I must admit that one of the most recent serial posts, namely Smoking Hot, has captured attention so. I thought it was just a mildly amusing play on words and a chance to find a through line for a lot of photos I've come across but I've since discovered there's quite a market, a specialist market shall we say *ahem* for photos of women smoking! Can't see it myself but there you go, whatever floats your boat.

Scoring 50% of the vote were Girls With Guns, another perennial, and Theme Time. When I decided to explore my enjoyment for theme tunes of TV shows, many of them obscure (and to nick the title of Bob Dylan's old radio show to showcase them) I had thought it might have been it's nice to be proved wrong!

Book reviews came in with 41%. I'm an avid reader but I never feel that comfortable reviewing a book, not in the same way I am reviewing a film or TV show. I'm aware there are many specific blogs out there that deal solely in literate and book reviews and indeed I could happily point readers to some of them for better analysis. I'm definitely not going to be able to match those reviews, but I feel the more I write the more I'm growing in confidence and this vote has helped boost that confidence more.

Scoring 33% of the overall vote were Politics, Personal and Story Time I don't actually write a lot of personal stuff because I like to think of the blog as a Myspace model rather than a Facebook or Twitter one (and you all know my thoughts on those last two social network platforms) Myspace seemed to be all about signalling what you were into, what you were passionate about whereas the latest forms of social media seem to be about discussing your life in depth, albeit with only a small number of characters. When I first started the blog and I was a bit sketchy about what it was about/for I would on occasion post some personal stuff but I've more or less dropped that habit. I guess I'm always more interested in other people or culture than I am about myself. The majority of personal posts now are either photos of Boozy my dog or news of sadness in my life. Now, I don't want to be posting the latter (I've had enough bad news!) but I'm grateful for the platform to write out what's bothering me, almost like therapy when the need arises, and I'm touched that some of you seem to want to hear more about me, the person. 
I guess in some ways this equally leads into the political, as that forms a very big part of me too. I'm always aware that perhaps I'll alienate some readers when I post my political views but again, using the Myspace model, it's something I'm passionate about and want to highlight. It also helps good causes and may get across to readers issues they weren't aware of and may, just may spark some passion in someone else. Just as a digression, in case anyone has missed any politics based posts and is wondering what kind of political animal I am, I took a 20 minute test online last night to show me where I came out left wing. No shit Sherlock.
Lastly story time, big thanks to who voted there. It's not as big a part of the blog as I perhaps intended it to be way back when I commenced blogging, but writing is one of my greatest loves and I am grateful to any audience who appreciate it.

Trailing behind with 25% of the vote, is Art For Art's Sake I'm not surprised in the slightest by this low score as showcasing the drawings or paintings I have done is becoming increasingly rare...largely because I just haven't done any for ages! To those of you who voted, I will try and rectify this, even if it's just posting some old examples of my work.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who voted. And now....


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