Saturday, 29 June 2013

Redhead Day

Today in Manchester is Redhead Day! So it's only fair that I celebrate red heads in today's blog post - after all, my sister is one of them!

Audrey Fleurot

Jane Asher

Karen Gillan

Rosie Marcel

Phoebe Thomas

Ginger Rogers

Christina Hendricks

Alyson Hannigan

Lydia Rose Bewley

Molly Ringwald

And after all those beauties, the beast Mick Hucknall with a suitably titled song from his suitably named band Simply Red...

Black Books showed us how to woo redheads, via poetry...

Happy Redhead day!


  1. No Jessica Chastain? For shame!

    1. Thanks to you, there is now ;)

      Nah seriously, there aren't enough tag options on posts to showcase all the sexy gingers out there! But I've got a new series of posts called 'Hanging On The Telephone' starting up and that Chastain shot fits the bill perfectly. Thanks :)