Sunday, 30 June 2013


My dog Boozy gets a lot of attention when we're out walking. It's often just little smiles, points in his direction and murmurs of 'aww'. Sometimes people will come over and tell me how beautiful they think he is or ask about his breeding and express surprise he's a dog and not a bitch; "He's too pretty to be a dog" often gets said. They'll try and stroke him but inevitably he backs away, because he's a shy dog, 'cursed by his good looks' I say!

My mum has been saying for some time that he looks like Pudsey, the winner of last year's Cash Cow-ell guff Britain's Got Talent and that comparison is being increasingly made by passers by too.

In fact when I showed this photograph to my mum yesterday, she presumed it was yet another piccie I took of Boozy lying on the leather coach

It's not. It's Pudsey; Boozy's famous doppelganger, or doggelganger

What do you think?

Boozy's off to school again tomorrow. His second visit. Decided it was time he got a little more obedient and also, a little more confident. The teacher sussed him from the off when she said he was a very nervous dog and, as I say, he shies sway from people trying to touch him. He had been coming on quite well under his own steam, getting more used to attention and other dogs, but last month, when my dad had taken him out for a morning stroll, he got attacked by a big Staff bull terrier - that wasn't on a lead! - and he bit deep into Boozy's leg, giving him four deep puncture wounds, a regressive step backwards into great anxiety and giving us all a major headache and a huge vet bill. I'm pleased to report his leg is now as good as new, but he's still very hesitant out and about.

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