Tuesday, 28 May 2013

When In Wales, Drink Brains

I spent a delightful day last Wednesday in Cardiff and Barry Island with some good friends.

One friend 'Bob' (actually her name's Laura but yeah, don't ask!) knowing I was a fan of bitters and real ales suggested to me when we were in this wonderful converted theatre cum Wetherspoons in Cardiff that I should try their Brains

That's the name of the local brewery I hasten to add - I didn't go all zombiefied!

That's one of the pints I enjoyed there, photo taken by another friend Saz, and yep that's my stripey polo shirted gut on the right!

It was a lovely drop, enhanced by the convivial surroundings and splendid company no doubt but still very recommended if you ever find yourself in Wales or in a pub here in England that may happen to stock it. 

Can't believe it's a week tomorrow I was there. Great day but the week has gone by very quickly.

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