Thursday, 23 May 2013

IDS - In Da Shit

The petition I blogged about recently (politics-and-petitions-again) urging The Works and Pensions Comittee to hold Iain Duncan Smith accountable for his misuse of govt statistics has been a success!

96,666 signatures have ensured that, for once, a politician will not get away with saying just whatever they feel like. In this instance IDS's spuriously false claim that 8,000 people moved into work as a result of the recent benefit cap.

The New Statesman blog details the news here

Typically, the DWP have announced this turn of events as quietly as possible to save any embarrassment - don't let them get away with it! If you, like me, signed the petition then spread the word of its success on Twitter, if you have it, or any other social media.

Let's celebrate that our voices can still be heard.

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