Thursday, 16 May 2013

Deborah Watling : "The Two Engine Type"

I'm currently enjoying a box set of the classic 1979 WWII drama Danger UXB, a gripping serial about the real life work of the Royal Engineer Corps Bomb Disposal Unit during the Blitz.

It's an excellent drama that has crucially never really dated. Some 70s TV inevitably dates no matter how good it is, but I think where Danger UXB is lucky is that it was made in the 70s but already set in the past, that of the 1940s.

Away from the lead Anthony Andrews and his excellent ensemble team of Sappers - Maurice Roeves, Kenneth Cranham, George Innes, Ken Kitson and Robert Pugh to name but a few - there's also the delightful former Doctor Who companion Deborah Watling in a completely different role (and with blonde hair) that of the promiscuous daughter of Andrews landlady, little Norma Baker. The girl who gets her kicks having it off with anyone in a uniform during the bombing raids!

She gets some terrific and deeply flirtatious lines which help to inject some comic relief into proceedings. My favourites occur in episode two 'Unsung Heroes' in which she ensnares Gordon, Anthony Andrews batman. She delights in casually undressing down to her bra before him and aware of his gawping tells him that an RAF boy took her dancing once and declared that she "was the two engine type!" 

Later, during an air raid she disrobes to have her wicked way with him. Unfortunately the poor boy is stunned, to which she replies "Come on Gordon, I'm getting cold. They won't bite you!"

Here's some suitably military-esque publicity pictures of Deborah from the time

She's certainly standing to attention in that last shot!

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