Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Bunny, by Penny Borland

So you know how it is, spurred upon seeing just how attractive the 6ft 4 in Gwendoline Christie actually is in reality when she's not Brienne Of Tarth in Game Of Thrones, you find yourself googling her for more evidence....only to find a series of photographic art in many of which she appears utterly naked.

 *A selection of these uncensored photos will now follow, if you're a prude or dislike the naked female form, do not look!*

The photos form the basis of a book entitled Bunny by the Australian artist and photographer Penny Borland. They date largely from the early 00s, but Borland and Christie's working relationship lasted for four or five years all told. Borland's aim was to produce through nudity, perspective and costume an unsettling and amusing series of pictures that challenged notions of femininity and turned the traditional concept of the pin up, notably Playboy's 'the bunny girl' and beauty on its head.

In an interview this year, Christie said of the work;

"At the time it was exciting, it was the opportunity to share my ideas and for that work to be realised by someone. And it felt that it would help me come to terms with my body. It's only in retrospect that I'm shocked I did it. It was giving so much of one's self and I wouldn't want to do that now"

I'll never look at her in Game Of Thrones in the same light again. And I'm rather pleased about that

Gwendoline Christie with Polly Borland.


  1. "It was giving so much of one's self and I wouldn't want to do that now".

    And, as you probably know, she didn't, in the bath scene in Ep.6 of Game of Thrones.

    Personally I'd rather have seen a real woman than all those naked children they show, but I guess HBO know their audience.

    By the way, she reminds me of Mark (You ain't seen me, right?) Williams of Fast Show fame.

    Are they by any chance related? I think we should be told.

    1. My Dad is a big fan of GoT and he's been saying for ages she reminds him of Mark Williams, so you are not alone!