Wednesday, 17 April 2013

What It Was Really Like

Because people will try and make you forget today in a whitewash ceremony of pomp and circumstance 

And that's just The Miners Strike and the decimation of the coal industry, just one campaign of misery cruelty and manipulation she struck upon the working classes. Let's not forget the poll tax, the rise in suicide, the rise in homelessness, the rise in unemployment, cuts to the welfare system, cuts to the NHS, cover ups and whitewashes, complicity with and providing sanctuary to the war criminal Pinochet and of the Apartheid in S Africa including her desire to see Mandela hanged for terrorism, the mass execution of the retreating Argentinians on The Belgrano, the reason for widespread riots in cities like Toxteth and Brixton, a generation's dreams dashed, 'care in the community' and endless privatisation.

On the day we put her into the ground to the needless all too sincere sobriety of the media and the establishment lets remember what she did to this country; set the working classes against each other for their own destruction and privatised everything in the land to ensure the wealthy minority in the ruling class continued to thrive.

There'll be plenty of tributes today, all of them undeserving, though perhaps the best tribute is the fact that the Coalition Government we now have are continuing her gameplan now. It must make her very proud to see Cameron inciting hatred for anyone claiming benefit whilst systematically cutting everything to the bone. 

Thatcher once said "There is no such thing as society" Well, today should be the day society rejoices that there is no such thing as Margaret Thatcher.

Take it away Pete...

Lastly, if you want to make a difference today sign this petition demanding truth for Orgreave, the scene of pitched battle and victimisation of miners by Maggie's state police HERE

We've had Hillsborough, now let's shed light on more cover ups!

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