Sunday, 7 April 2013

Technical Query

Bit of mundane site business this, but is anyone having difficulty viewing the videos I am posting?

I only ask because someone who views via his mobile says he can't access the videos (or indeed post comments, but I think that is because he's not on Google reader/has an account)

Anyho, if you could stop and leave a comment here one way or another just to put my already fragile mind at rest or increase my confusion further it would be much appreciated.

God that was all rather boring wasn't it? 

Here, have a gif. It's essentially an image of my life


  1. No problems at my end. Mind you, I visit the site using my PC and don't have a phone advanced enough to browse the web, so I'm not sure how much this helps.

  2. Thanks Michael, that's a great help. Ditto my phone, which will be heading into the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry as an antique piece when I finally give it up!

  3. I take a perverse sense of pride in my ancient £15 brick. I use it so rarely that there's absolutely no point in me owning anything more fancy.

    1. Me too. I use it to text mates and do an ET, phone home.

      It does have other functions; I can take photos - which I do sporadically, it alleges it can get the internet and it alleges it has bluetooth. But the former works intermittently and slooooooooooowly whereas the latter has never worked!

      A phone is a phone is a phone.