Monday, 29 April 2013

Taking The PIF : The Finishing Line

Another terrifying, sobering and darkly subversive PIF.

This one sees a child daydreaming about playing games on the railway lines becoming an inter school sports day event, with the inevitable tragic consequences played out before our eyes amidst the tannoy announcements of the headmaster, the crowd of spectators and the brass band seemingly immune to the horrific loss of infant life - they're just the losers, leaving the survivors to take the prizes.

It's funny seeing younger people's reactions to classic 70s PIFs today, as they're by and large disgusted. The Nanny State wouldn't allow our mollycoddled youth to see the facts so bluntly spelled out for them nowadays. Thankfully I was in this generation who knew to dick about led to severe consequences.

Excellent cinematography by Harry Waxman here too, capturing the sunny day surrealism beautifully, like a hazy waking dream/nightmare. The final scene in which the battered and broken small bodies of the losers who paid with their lives are laid out on the track by the adults whilst the band play 'The Last Post' really lingers in the memory.

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