Sunday, 21 April 2013

Raine O'er Us

Call The Midwife star Jessica Raine popped up in Doctor Who tonight (or rather last night, it's gone 1am as I type this) in an episode called Hide and proved to be equally at home in a 1970s setting as she is in the 1950s. She certainly carried off the 70s wardrobe very well

I really like her as an actress but I think she excels in period. After watching her in Call The Midwife, The Woman In Black and now Doctor Who, I'm not sure how I'd find her in something set in the present day!

Also is it just me or is she a shoo in to play the young Elizabeth II should a biopic of the Queen's early reign ever get made?

Look at her, she looks like a stamp! In a good way!!

It was thankfully another strong episode of Who, building on the stunning episode last week, Cold War, which saw a single Ice Warrior wreaking havoc on a Russian nuclear sub in the 1980s, borrowing heavily from everything from the Alien films to Das Boot. Hide was equally in debt to many influences notably Nigel Kneale, primarily the scientists in search of a ghost drama, the utterly shitifying The Stone Tape (insert Raine for Jane Asher) and also the excellent 80s sci fi play The Flipside Of Dominick Hide (perhaps that was where it got the title of the episode from?) But also it was an episode that was a huge fanwank to Who itself with references to the Jon Pertwee serial Planet Of The Spiders (the blue crystal from Metebelis Three) and Tom Baker's swansong Logopolis (The TARDIS Cloister Bell) all in there too.

Oh and whilst we're on the subject, I don't say this often enough, but 11 is my favourite Doctor since the show's return, played beautifully by Matt Smith. Eat your heart out Tennant and Eccleston!

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