Monday, 22 April 2013

Out On Blue Six : Eurythmics

From the excellent soundtrack to the excellent 1984 film adaptation of my favourite novel, 1984

I like this between takes photo taken on set of the stars Richard Burton, Suzanna Hamilton and John Hurt

 End Transmission


  1. Wow, I've not long watched this film. So dark but doesn't even scrape the surface of the book. John Hurt is mesmerising

    1. I love the book. Been over 10 yrs since I last read it, need to rectify that I think.
      Agree about Hurt, in fact I think all the cast are bob on here. Did you know Burton was so frail, he had someone holding his arm up under the camera in one shot, because he just couldn't lift it and keep it aloft by himself (the alcohol had crystalised around his bones at that point) It's a wonderfully strong performance from him, regardless of his health.