Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Louise, Leela and Lamentable Dolls

"I did a four and a half hour photoshoot for that Leela doll...It doesn't look anything like me! I don't know if they got a Barbie doll, painted her black and put blue eyes on her and huuuuuge breasts, which I didn't have, and then sold it as Leela. I believe they're worth quite a lot now.
My Mother put my Leela doll on top of the Christmas tree instead of a fairy that year!"

- Louise Jameson; interviewed for the easter egg on the Image Of The Fendahl DVD

She's right too! Take a look at that thing, it's an atrocious doll. Let's pause and remember just how striking Louise was as Tom Baker's assistant, the savage warrior girl, Leela

 And how stunning she indeed still is thirty five years on

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