Friday, 26 April 2013

Kes The Snake

I've always thought that my hometown was a funny old place and with good reason; for example, did you know that back in the 1980s St Helens had a 50 ft long wooden hollow interior snake in the Hardshaw Shopping Centre?

Ostensibly it was there for the children of the town, including myself, to crawl around and play in while mums trawled around the frozen food aisles in Marks and Spencers opposite. But with a slight sinister aspect I didn't comprehend at the time the snake was called Kes, because it was a 'Kid Eating Snake'

More, a David Icke forum claims that Kes was all part of conspiracy concerning the Freemasons on account of how the snake's head was symbolically placed to face the entrance of the Masonic Hall! Apparently one of Icke's belief is that the alien reptile uberlords who secretly rule our world in human disguise set up the Freemasons network and that one of their rituals involves the eating of children! 


Well I've known one Freemason in my life and he was a right c*nt.

Seriously though...

Kes was dismantled some years ago now, gone the way of many shops in the Hardshaw Centre; TJ Hughes, Woolworths, Toy and Hobby, Ethel Austin etc. I'm not sure exactly when he went or indeed where he went. There was some talk that he ended up in nearby Newton le Willows in the garden of a women's refuge, but apparently if it was, it isn't anymore. Maybe he wasn't equipped for outdoors and the weather and he rotted? There's even a rumour he's residing in the grounds of some monastery now, which will no doubt give the Icke devotees more to consider! 

Wherever he is, he gave a lot of us kids some fun on our trips to town.  


  1. This rings a very dim and distant bell. I was a bit old to play on such things by the 80s, hence my uncertain recall.

  2. Ah, I see you've found it :)