Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hammer Glamour

Continuing what is rather an unofficial Madeline Smith week here at Random Ramblings, with these all too little seen publicity photos from Hammer in the 1970s...

To promote 1970's The Vampire Lovers Hammer took the girls to a zoo for reasons best known only to themselves! The girls in question from l to r, Madeline Smith, Pippa Steel and Janet Key

And three years later, Dave Prowse as Frankenstein's Monster bagged himself a splendid trio, l to r, Julie Ege, Veronica Carlson and of course Madeline Smith, his co-star in that year's Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell

Here's some more of the latter's shoot


  1. The batch with Dave Prowse look like they were shot round the back of the Hammer office. Maddie still looks devine though.

    Some vintage Maddlie based smut here;

    1. I love that she's the only one of the girls 'acting' in that shoot!

      And yes, that's a lovely photo *sighs*