Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Blake's 7 Set To Return

Yup, the big news among sci fi fans and lovers of vintage tele is that a remake of Blake's 7, Terry Nation's classic sci fi serial of rebels against The Federation is to be remade for the SyFy Channel

I must confess I was never a major fan (preferring Nation's contributions to Doctor Who, The Persuaders! etc and now of course Survivors) but I did watch a lot of it on UK Gold in the 90s and some I really liked, whereas others...well even hardcore fans would agree with me there! But the concept is still so utterly fresh and has something to say, to the point that it's just weird this remake hasn't happened sooner (though there have been many audio adventure remakes care of Big Finish with a frankly brilliant cast and the hilarious spoof Blake's Junction 7, which I've previously blogged about/uploaded on here) I'm really looking forward to the remake and a chance to revisit classic eps thanks to my friend Kate, a massive fan, who has promised to send me some!

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