Thursday, 11 April 2013

80s Film Posters

John Hurt was quite prolific in the 80s, albeit with some fairly hit and miss movies, they did nonetheless produce some striking and colourful poster art. 

Champions is the biopic of Bob Champion, winner of the 1981 Grand National on Aldaniti, whose triumph was all the more outstanding given his then recent victory over cancer. It's a film I well remember growing up with as a child in the 80s and as such I still have a soft spot for it. Plus what other film would feature the unusual combo of two 80s sitcom ladies; Jan Francis from Just Good Friends and Kirstie Alley from Cheers?

This is a film I didn't see until the late 90s or maybe early 00s, largely because of its violence and nudity. I'm a fan of Peckinpah, as I am Hurt, and this has an impressive cast all round, but even their talents could not save this ludicrous enterprise. There are some genuinely good moments in The Osterman Weekend but not enough of them. Again, as I did in a recent blog post for The Holcroft Covenant, I blame the source material; namely Robert Ludlum. He was the Dan Brown of his day. A real page turner I believe, but precious little substance. Sadly this was Peckinpah's last. It's a shame the poster is far better than the film.

Lastly Partners is a film I'm actually not altogether sure I have seen, but I do remember that poster in the video shops of my youth. I don't think I'm missing much. It looks like an ill advised deeply offensive stereotypical comedy in which more than likely Hurt's previous good work in portraying homosexuality in The Naked Civil Servant takes a back step into John Inman territory for dumbed down Hollydud. Check out the screencap below of one 'comedy' moment that appears in the film...

Oh-ho-ho he-he-he look at the homo being confronted by a woman's bottom. He doesn't know what to do! Hilarious! 

It really isn't.

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