Friday, 29 March 2013


Looking at this photo and how, as it is Good Friday, it is timely I am reminded of my time at a Catholic School in the 90s (not that I am Catholic, it was just a school nearby!) Naturally the school was very religious and one Easter before the end of term, we had an assembly in which we were presented a series of slides to view in silence, accompanied only by Joan Osborne's song 'What If God Was One Of Us' which came out in '95, so I'm guessing that was the year this memory stems from, or it may have been the year after, which was when I left school.

 It was an earnest endeavour I guess, to get us pupils to consider the religious aspect of the forthcoming Easter holiday. However it was immediately a failure because many of the slides featured not depictions of Christ from the Bible, but instead depictions of Christ as played by Robert Powell in Jesus of Nazareth. At which point my form tutor nudged me and whispered 'What's Dave Briggs doing up on that cross?'

Dave Briggs of course was the character Robert Powell was playing at the time in the Jasper Carrott comedy The Detectives

It's no wonder I'm not religious!

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