Sunday, 17 February 2013


Thankfully, it's a rare occurrence to see one of these sad individuals in this particular corner of the net that I've created, but nonetheless it does happen.

Just to reiterate, I occasionally post views personal to me and my way of thinking. I am totally aware that my point of view is not that of a majority and indeed, I don't expect it to be. Whilst I welcome an intelligent debate and exchange of views - because after all, we can all learn something from a debate - one thing I will no tolerate is snide remarks that cast aspersions on me or this blog, or indeed any of its readership.

There's all too many corners of the net that are swamped with idiots who get a kick out of insulting others to make themselves feel big without this blog resorting to being yet another. So take my advice, you can either use those already established corners, you can simply choose not to read my output here, or you can take my professional advice and seek counselling to address whatever issue you clearly have with regards communicating and socialising with your fellow man. Because trust me, as a trained counsellor myself I can assure you you do have one if you get some gratification for being a troll.

This is not going to become one of those horrid corners. So if you find yourself not agreeing with the content here...

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