Friday, 22 February 2013

Teach Your Children Well, RIP Mrs Gallimore

I don't often do properly personal blogs but I have to break tradition to mark the passing of Mrs Monica Gallimore. I've literally just picked up my local paper and seen that she passed away this week aged just 64. Mrs Gallimore was the headmistress of St Cuthberts but before that way back in 1991,  my first year at high school, she was my form tutor.

She was a wonderful woman, kind dedicated and totally devoted to giving kids the best possible start in life.

Like all my former head teachers, I haven't seen her since 1996 when I left, but I can remember her, that first year of school and how she looked after us all, as if it were yesterday.

Really sad news to her she has gone. In tribute to her, I think this song is quite apt - though to be honest the only song I ever really link with her is Tina Turner's Simply The Best, which I well recall her singing away in class one afternoon!

RIP Miss

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