Thursday, 21 February 2013

Run For Your Wife: An Update

Well the cat clearly has just shat out the worst sitcom of all time as I predicted earlier this month, with box office takings for Run For Your Wife recording just £602 nationwide!

Surely a record?!

This review sums up this dismal ill advised cinematic outing for Ray Cooney's farce perfectly...

Mark Kermode hits the nail on the head, especially in regards to Danny Dyer. He isn't loveable, he cannot act and he is desperately trying to reinvent himself as softer than his stupid laddish hardman schtick since the Zoo magazine scandal. He started with a guest appearance in the last series of Casualty which was jaw droppingly awful and it has continued here. Hopefully he will finally sink without trace like a much despised previously floating turd.


  1. Dyer’s career seems to be unintentionally mirroring that of Derren Nesbitt’s in the 1970s, with a semi successful career in ‘hardman’ roles being badly derailed by scandals that would turn the public against them, in Dyer’s case the Zoo incident and in Nesbitt’s the wife beating story, in turn forcing a career rethink and an attempt to win back the public by doing comedy, which in Nesbitt’s case manifested itself in him writing and directing the very Cooney inspired ‘The Amorous Milkman’

    The most mystifying thing about the Run for your Wife film is that it exists at all and that anyone thought they’d be a market for it in this day and age. From what I can gather vintage 1970s sex comedies do perform very well on DVD (in spite of cinema snobs’ regular and baseless claims that nobody likes these films), but on the basis of the trailer Run for your Wife seems to be a throwback to an even earlier era of filmed stage farces like Don't Just Lie There, Say Something!, No Sex Please We’re British and Cooney’s own Not Now, Darling, films that were pretty much rendered antiquated and obsolete by the appearance of the ‘Confessions’ and ‘Adventures’ type sex comedy films, which were prepared to up the ante in terms of sex and nudity. The overwhelming thought you get from the trailer is “what were they thinking”, which has led a few commentators to mischievously suggest that some kind of The Producers-esque goings-on lies at the heart of the Run for your Wife’s existence and that it was designed to be a sure fire flop.

  2. Hi Gav, and thanks for the informative reply! I completely agree, I mean there's a reason why these farces play out in the provincial theatres; they're an enjoyable production for a small appreciative audience. The notion that they could transfer a farce written in the 70s/80s from an end of the pier theatre to the big screen in this day and age and expect a massive audience is baffling.

    My appreciation of corny 70s comedies and sexploitation films is well known to anyone who casts an eye over the many reviews and posts dedicated to such films and their stars on this blog, but this was never going to work.

    Interesting comparison between Nesbitt and Dyer. Even though it reminds me of the horror that was The Amorous Milkman *shudders*

    Thanks for stopping by, kudos to your own blogs and do come again!