Friday, 15 February 2013

Robyn Addison

So, I was watching ITV1's Great Night Out, which is an enjoyable if not wholly successful (but, hey it's heart is in the right place) attempt at a new Northern lads in their 30s comedy show. It was the last episode tonight, and I hope it will come back for a second series with its wrinkles ironed out. Anyway, tonight's episode had a brief role for Robyn Addison, an actress who virtually stopped me in her tracks with her overall cuteness...

So convincing was she in her all too brief role as a too good to be true potential partner for one of the lads (turned out it was doomed, she was a Man Utd fan!) that I couldn't quite place where I'd seen her before until I googled her and of course she was in BBC1's excellent remake of Terry Nation's sci fi classic Survivors a couple of years ago.

Speaking personally, I'd forgive her football leanings to be with her!


  1. She was also Maggie Coldwell's daughter in Casualty during Series 22 (the character had previously been played by another actress who looked nothing like her), though if memory serves that was during one of your self-imposed hiatuses from the show.

    1. No I did see most of S22, 'My First Day' and 'Charlie's Anniversary' brought me back. That was 22 wasn't it? Didn't she live alongside Ruth and Toby? Not much recollection of the character or the stories, and no real idea of Maggie's family prior to it as that was definitely when I wasn't watching