Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Notes On a Scandal

Reading Christine Keeler's memoirs last week has got me thinking. I know that there have been two versions of the Profumo Affair committed to celluloid; The Christine Keeler Story (a cheap cash in from 1963) and more notably Scandal, a great movie from 1989. But imagine if Scandal was made say twenty years earlier? Who would play the pivotal roles?

Well here's my dream cast....

As Christine Keeler

Charlotte Rampling

As Stephen Ward

Dirk Bogarde

As John Profumo

Donald Pleasence

As Mandy Rice Davies

Adrienne Posta

And as Eugene Ivanov

Either Hardy Kruger

Or Maximilian Schell

So, what do you think?


  1. Alternatively "Carry On Scandal":

    Valerie Leon as Christine Keeler
    Jim Dale as Stephen Ward
    Sid James as John Profumo
    Babs as Mandy
    Bernard Bresslaw as Eugene Ivanov